Saturday, July 25, 2009

First one..enojoy

So I've decided to start blogging.... I hope who ever reads this will enjoy.
My First blog will probably be relatively long....sorry :-)
I was looking for a poem online today...(still can't find it) It's this poem about baseball I think and the names of the kids on the team are like...pronouns, so like the guy on first is named, "Nothing" and the pitcher is named "Someone" anybody know?...anyone?
Well I stumbled into this poem site and I found this little girl that poems/blogs?
She writes a poem each day that concedes with what she did that day and how she felt. It's incredible. So starting today, I think I am going to start that....with the occasional blog to. So look forward to writing one tonight! Bele Chere is going on so I should have something great!